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A 1947 Albert Miller painting that recently was discovered in Bedford, Indiana, is now on display at that city's Stonegate Arts & Education Center. [READ ARTICLE]

Sidney Miller writes . . .

Al's last request was that any of his artwork remaining in Hermann be gifted to a museum or gallery. In order to honor his wishes, I am attempting to catalog his work. In particular, I am looking for information about his early life and career in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio and, in the process, hoping to find and document current ownership of his early paintings.

Of particular interest . . .

Two works from the 43rd annual exhibition of contemporary art by Indiana artists at the John Herron Art Museum, July 1950:

  • "Crucifixion," a mixture of collegiate athletics and crap-shooting figures with fragments of a crucifixion scene.
  • "Swamp Family," a medium-sized upright, whose center of interest is a sharp-billed blackbird without a worm for two open mouthed young'uns. There are rich blacks, brilliant green and touches of yellow.

"Heteronomy," which won the S.J.Wallace Truman Prize for landscape painting at the 1950 National Academy of Design 125th Anniversary Exhibition in New York City

"Vivarium,"an oil landscape painted in 1953

"Demolition," 1957 paintings of a section of Cincinnati being razed

Commercial paintings, 1958 to 1969, for Indiana Limestone, US Steel, Morton Salt, Rixon Inc. and more commissioned by Meissner Engineers of Chicago

If you are able to help in any way, please contact me.

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